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My garden is a weed-pit.

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and I would give up completely, but it still grows!

Again, this spring, I dutifully cleaned out my little 6 by 12 garden, raked up the dirt and planted seeds of varying kinds.  I did some watering and after a week or so, things began to sprout.  Unfortunately, most of the sprouts were weeds, plain and simple.  I considered pulling them out, but I have a hard time distinguishing between real plants and weeds... and they were literally everywhere... not many spaces in between!

So, I left the garden alone, just watched it grow out the window... and then.... I spotted what appeared to be plants, growing in rows!  I ran to the garden and yes, there are some lettuces, some cilantro, some dill, some kale!  I am thrilled and thought that now that I had definite plant life to work with, I could pull out the weeds.  Problem is, those weeds now look like a nice patch of grass.  And when I tried to pull them out, out came all the dirt AND some of my delicate plant-life!

I have come to the conclusion that I will leave things as they are, pick my lettuce and kale and herbs that the rabbits leave for me... and when that's done, I will begin again.... Anybody know how to rid an entire garden of weeds so you can replant and really grow veggies?  Input is appreciated! 

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