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And I thought it was hard when they started Kindergarten!

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... looking back, THAT was a piece of cake!

I remember the first day of Kindergarten for my oldest child, Arch... I was so afraid he'd be scared because he didn't know anyone, had only met his teacher and visited the classroom once before the Big Day.  But, I took him in, kissed him goodbye and he just waved and said "see ya, Mom."  No problem.

When I dropped him off at college a couple years ago, I was so concerned he'd be sad because again, he didn't know anyone and was away from home for the first time.  But, we moved him in, hugged him goodbye and felt awful when he looked a little sad, but he smiled and waved and he managed just fine (even if he was lonely at first).

This past weekend, I had to help him move to a little town in Arkansas, five hours away, to live for the next seven months for an internship.  I have never felt so sad and scared and miserable as I did when I left him there, not knowing a soul, in a town so far away.  He has never looked sadder as I hugged him goodbye and I blubbered and cried... heck, I'm crying now just thinking about it!  I know it will be hard on both of us... but I know that he will get through this and he will succeed!  I told him that one day he would look back on this experience and be so glad he did it.  But between now and then, say a prayer for me... and for Arch!  Thanks.

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