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How do you handle the feelings?

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We all have them... feelings of sadness, anger, fear and anxiety after events like Monday's tornados in Oklahoma...

Especially when it strikes such a chord, so close to the two year anniversary of the Joplin tornado that was so devastating and took so many lives.  Many of us remember all too well trying to do anything just to help in the aftermath of that storm.  Many of us lost family members or friends that day.  And now, it's happened again to another community, to other families, to people like you and me.  

I know that we seem to be bombarded with nothing but scary news these days.  In speaking with members of our KTTS News Team, we agreed that it is doubly hard for people involved in the media as we get emersed in every detail and surrounded by all the painful, heart-wrenching and devastating news that has to be reported.  It can really be hard to detach from such tragedy and there seems to be so much of it these days with the free flow of news and information that we are subjected to from around the world.  I know that even social media keeps it constantly in our faces.

So, how do you deal?  I know for me, I reach a certain 'boiling' point and I have to shut it all off or I will lose my sanity.  In order to shut it off and not carry it constantly with me, I find that it is theraputic to take some sort of action.  That action can be making monetary donations to organizations like Convoy of Hope or the Red Cross, to make an extra effort to help someone, anyone, in need, or simply to pray for those that have suffered loss.  Once action has been taken in whatever way works best for me, then I can rest knowing that I have done what was mine to do and know that God will do the rest.... "Let Go and Let God".


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