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That about sums it up...

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"Had a good time at Aunt C's for Ted's H.S. Graduation lunch & celebration! We had an afternoon of fantastic singing by some talented young men, too much food, a flooded toilet & several laughs."

This Facebook post was from one of my nieces... and yes, that's how it went yesterday at my house!  It was a great time and as usual, when the family gets together, a crazy time!  Each time my boys have graduated from high school, we've moved the family Sunday dinner from Mansfield to my house. Babies, young children, hungry young men, general chaos (that's a 'normal' Sunday dinner) but then we invite in friends and it becomes a free for all...

AND, in the midst of all that crazy my upstairs toilet overflows spewing water out into the hallway!  After cooking for two days, getting the house ready and doing countless loads of laundry (did I mention my oldest moved his stuff back from college last week?) I was on my last nerve... so I'm sure I said a few things I'm not proud of while cleaning up the mess in the middle of a graduation party!

So... my apologies and heartfelt gratitude to my wonderful sisters, nieces and friends for all the help in making Ted's graduation party a big success.  Oh, and thanks to his singing buddies for entertaining all of us with beautiful barbershop harmonies... it was quite a treat!

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