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When will it end?

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I don't know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of the run-around.

Every time there is a dramatic gas increase, there is always some excuse as to why it is 'justified.'  And what is it this time... supply and demand?  Well, we sure didn't know that we'd need bigger supplies because there would be a bigger demand for summer travels... DUH!  Whatever happened to preparation and common sense?  And really, an increase of eighty cents in less than a month?  Oh, and they're not done with the increases...  How does that make any sense?  But, it's only affecting the Midwest?  REALLY????

I don't buy all the explanations they give when they raise prices.  And this one is such a BIG one that I can't help but think that something is 'rotton in Denmark.'  My thought?  It's just OUR turn to PAY.  This type of fuel increase in certain areas of the country at certain times... well, I think they either just draw a name out of a hat OR they look to see who hasn't "paid their dues" in awhile and guess what?  We drew the short straw!  That makes about as much sense as what the powers that be give as an explanation.

It would be one thing if it were only gas prices... but it effects ALL prices on food, goods, cost of living.  And THAT is what hurts.

One day, I would just like to know the truth... and hear them admit it.

One day, I would really like someone to come up with a solution!



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