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Sometimes they surprise you

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...especially when they steal the show!

Last night was my youngest sons's final Band Concert of his high school career.  Ted plays bass guitar and tuba... and as you may have guessed from earlier blogs, he loves to sing.  He has recently put together a barbershop quartet with three of his fellow senior classmates... basically forcing them  to learn some songs, teaching them to harmonize and making them enter into the district contest where they scored a One Rating, going on to the State competition and scoring a Superior One Rating there as well.  None of these boys are in the school choir!

Anyway, I knew that Ted's quartet was going to sing at some point in the band concert at the request of the band director.  I had been looking forward to seeing them perform and their performance was excellent, with Ted yucking it up with the audience between singing 'tags'.  What I didn't know was that Ted had been planning a little "surprise."

In the middle of the second half... his band director begins explaining to the audience that Ted would not be playing the bass during the next number, but instead would be doing something 'totally different'.  Ted emerges from the back, wearing a white shirt (sleeves rolled up), black tie and pants AND a black Fedora.  The 80-90 piece band begins playing Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" and Ted bursts into song... he IS Frank Sinatra!  He doesn't just sing, he works the stage... from one end to the other and it is amazing!  My baby stole the show... I was totally surprised and extremely proud!

And that's the best Mother's Day gift you can get!


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