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Stuff, stuff and MORE stuff!

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... sometimes I feel like loading up a dumpster.

I've been trying to get the house ready for a graduation party for my son... meaning, that the house will have about 50 or more people coming through.  Now, for a person that rarely has ANY guests in her home, that is HUGE!  Not only do I have to clean the house, but I have to get all the clutter put away which is easier said than done... I started on it last weekend because it is not just an afternoon undertaking. 

I started in the kitchen and that made me want to cry!  When I moved into this house twenty years ago I thought, "Wow, look at all this room!  I will never fill this space up."  Well, "Wrongo, Reindeer."  It IS full.  Every counter top, every corner has something taking up space and making it all look so cluttered.  I just started piling it all on the kitchen table, sorting into more piles and then carting stuff off to other rooms... 

And, you know what that means, I had to move it again when I got to those 'other' rooms!  The living room had to have stuff taken up off the floors, tucked into drawers, moved to the bedrooms... and then I got to the bedrooms and had no where else to go cause the closets are already full!  SO, I'm thinking a dumpster may just be the answer!

My one hope is that when my boys finally move into their own places, one day, I hope... then a lot of this STUFF will magically disappear.  In the meantime, I am fighting every impulse to purchase even one more book, sock, or dish.  From now on, if I can't eat it, flush it or stuff it down the garbage disposal, IT stays OUT!

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