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I call them "Beda-isms"

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... you know, stuff my mom used to say...

We all are mortified when we realize that we have turned into our mothers... and suddenly, the words coming out of our mouths are hers!  It's just a reflex in times of stress, otherwise known as dealing with children, when we BECOME our moms.  No one is immune... and in my case, I'm pretty happy to have that reflex, cause I had a really great mom.  Her name was Hazel, but her middle name was Beda (pronounced bee-dah) and we loved to call her that when she was talking especially 'crazy'.  And boy, could she talk crazy!  She had such a sense of humor and a ton of weird sayings.  Here are a few of her "Beda-isms:"

... spider veins were what she called "very close" veins, and she a lots of those!

...Baccalaureate... you know, the spiritual service for high schools graduations that only small towns now observe... well, she pronounced that "bacca-loyd" - drove us crazy!

... my mom did NOT cuss, instead she said things like "Oh, Shakespeare", "Dern, dern, dern", "Good Night, Shirt", "Oh, S-H" (never the whole word), "I'll Swan", and my favorite, "My Stars and Garters".

... Mom claimed women didn't sweat, they perspired and she prounounced that, "PRESperation"

... as a teenager, I cringed when she would say things like "don't knock it til you've tried it' and "if it were a snake, it'd a-bit you" or when asked how she was, her reply was "I'm as happy as if I had good sense".

... but I'd say all seven of us will never forget her response whenever somebody would say "Amen"... here comes Beda with "Brother Ben... stole a pig and away he 'ren'"... 

And yes, I've turned into my mother... just ask my boys, they hear ALL of those and even more, especially my mother's silly way of laughing after everything she'd say.  But I find comfort in just knowing that one day, those words will come out of my sons' mouths and so Grandma Hazel will  live on... Happy Mother's Day!

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