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Graduation gifts

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... AND birthday, too... what to do?

My son's 18th birthday is Friday... he graduates from High School the following week... two big occasions and I am at a loss at what to get him, given my budget.  There will be no new cars, no fancy trips abroad or even across the country.  I know he'd really like me to pay for a week at Harmony University -- a week long intensive barbershop training 'camp' that happens every summer.  But, how do I pay for that when I'm still trying to figure out how to get college paid for?

So... here we go, trying to figure out a creative way to just give him some money...  and hope I even see him on his birthday... it IS a Friday, ya know... not exactly an evening he spends with his mom!

But, I think Summer gave me an idea... she suggested that since I'm short on money, I should by a lottery ticket.  Well, I know she meant that I should buy myself a lottery ticket... but I'm thinking, "there's the perfect gift!"  Who knows, I could end up giving my son Two Hundred Twenty-Two Million Dollars!  Now, THAT would make me Mom of the Year! 

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