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My mom said it happened before!

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... she used to tell us about the time it snowed in May.

I remember my mom telling me that yes, it had snowed in May one year when she was young.  Of course, anytime the weather would do something we thought was odd or inconvenient or uncomfortable, she would always be able to 'top that.' with some story from years ago.  Since mom was 43 when I was born, she had a lot more stories than most of my friends' parents.  We usually didn't believe her, but I'm turning into a real believer today! 

I remember one Thanksgiving when I was about seven years old, I was amazed that I could wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts it was so warm outside. And the winters when it would completely snow us in and not even dad's big drill rig could get through the snow.  We built some really great snow forts back then.  Oh, and let's not forget the 'blizzard' we had a couple years ago here in Springfield... a blizzard in Springfield, Missouri?  Hard to believe...

Yep, the weather is a crazy thing... I think I'd better start keeping a diary so I have plenty of 'stories' for my future grandchildren...

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