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To cut, or not to cut...

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THAT is the question!

Of course I'm talking about my hair!!!  I do this every time... I wait so long to finally get my hair cut that by the time I get that appointment made, I'm ready to shave my head!  Well, here I go again... I've let my hair go (I almost said grow, but really, I've just let it GO) to the point that it is just a huge bushy mop on the top of my head that I can do absolutely nothing with.  It won't curl nicely - it just fuzzes up.  I can't make it stay strait... the humidity of spring weather will not allow a flat iron to work for long - just step outside and the fuzzies and the waves take over.  I also do something really dumb... I cut my own bangs and that's never pretty! 

So, now that I have the appointment made, I will play with the idea of just having it all cut off short.  I remember the last time I did that, I regretted it.  And, with the memory of that disappointment in my head, I will chicken out and only have it trimmed... again... Then, six months from now, I will be doing this all over again!

Boo Hoo Hoo... 

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