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Got a teenage boy?

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Ain't it fun?

I just spent a good part of my Saturday assembling and addressing graduation announcements for my youngest son, Ted.  The assembling of the invitation is a job in itself... put the little name card in the little slots, add the fancy tissue paper, party announcement and picture of your senior and place in 'inner' envelope.  Write the first names of recipient on the 'inner' envelope... place inside 'outer' envelope, seal, address, stamp and mail.  Whew!  I'm sure glad this is the last time I'll have to do this! 

As I was resenting the fact that I was doing all this work for Ted, I realized that part of the reason for that was because Ted is always off singing somewhere... Barbershop!  He loves singing so much that he more or less forced three of his classmates to form a quartet and compete at the district contest for school.  They scored a One and went on to the State competition last weekend where they also got a One!  Not bad for boys that don't even sing in the school choir! 

Then it hit me that Ted has been singing with the Sho-Me Statesmen Barbershop Chorus for the past three years, since he was all of 15 years old, and what a great thing that has turned out to be.  When I think of all the other stuff he could have gotten involved in (and I'm not talking about good stuff, here) I am so thankful he chose singing.  And not just any singing, but Barbershop.  This chorus has sent him to summer workshops, gotten him involved with a state youth chorus that scored top honors at a National level, and inspired him to form a high school quartet... not to mention, kept him busy at least two nights every week and out of trouble!  These men have watched out for him, encouraged him and praised his hard work... and he's loved every minute of it.

So, as the mother of a teenage son, I will be forever grateful to the men of the Sho-Me Statesmen for being such wonderful mentors and role models for my son.  It's great to be a Barbershopper!

(for information on this group... any man or boy can join them at anytime - all are welcome... go to



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