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Finally a happy thought...

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and it applies at any age!

I know I'm mainly talking to women here, but the guys can relate to it, too.   When have we ever looked in the mirror and been happy with what we saw?  I remember as a young girl wishing I had better skin, a different nose, straighter teeth (not to mention, straight hair!) ... rarely was I satifsfied with the reflection I saw.  And, I spent lots of time trying to get the makeup just right to make me look older... and then to look younger!  

Now, it's the little wrinkles... the puffy eyes or under eye circles... the way the face is just kinda slipping downward... that's all I see when I look in the mirror!  It all changes and we never see it as good, do we?

Well, I heard something the other day that made it all seem so much better.  As you look in the mirror right now, just remember: "ten years from now, you will look back at pictures of THIS face and wonder what all the fuss was about!"  I don't know about you, but I'm looking better already!

Enjoy the view...


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