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It makes no sense.

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... shouldn't it be clean already?

A few months ago I saw a 'Pin' on Pinterest from a friend talking about how to clean your washing machine... REALLY??  Shouldn't a washing machine already be clean?  I mean, that's what it's doing every time you use it, CLEANING!  It sounded pretty silly to me...

And then, I started to really look at my washing machine... and smell it... and well, maybe there might be something to this 'clean your washing machine' business.  But the icing on the cake? I noticed a little piece of what I can only call 'sludge' coming out of one of the holes in the tub of the washer... and shortly thereafter, my son says "this towel smell funky"... and I'd just washed it!

Okay, okay, okay!  I'll clean it!  So, here's how that goes:  

1.  add two cups of lemon juice to a large load cycle using HOT water 

2.  add two cups of vinegar to a large load cycle using HOT water

3.  add two cups bleach to a large load cycle using HOT water (here's where I put on rubber gloves and in the middle of the cycle used a scrubbie to clean all around the top of the rim and get off all that icky buildup from the last 17 years)

4.  run one more cycle to completely rinse out the stuff you've been cleaning it with... oh, and take out the bleach and softener dispensers and scrub all the gunk off of them, as well as just wiping down all the other surfaces.

Well, my 17 year old machine looks pretty new now!  AND, it smells a whole lot better, too.  So, we'll see... either this was worth all the time and hot water or I just found a way to wear out my machine a little bit faster...  Now, what in the world will I be doing next, using a hair dryer to dry out my dryer?

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