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I must be crazy...

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... but it makes me happy.

I sit in a room all by myself for hours at a time, every day, talking to myself.  Actually, there are many people listening to me, but to me, I'm just talking to myself... and that's okay.  You see, my mom always talked to herself.  We used to make fun of her when we were kids.  We'd catch her talking to herself all the time... in the kitchen, in the bathroom, outside in the garden... everywhere.  Just carrying on a coversation with herself, even laughing at herself... she was a happy person.  She'd say "I may be crazy, but at least I'm happy".  Well, she wasn't technically crazy, she just didn't sweat the small stuff and she found joy in the little things in life and she didn't care if we made fun of her.

Then I grew up and started working here at KTTS.  It wasn't so easy at first... I was nervous, I didn't know what to say, I was scared I'd say something stupid... and I frequently did.  I worried about what people thought and I was VERY aware that there were indeed people out there listening to me, trying to catch me doing something stupid or mortifying or just plain dumb.  It could be paralyzing and it gave me nightmares.... but as the years have passed, I have developed my 'Mama's Crazy'.  

You know how we all grow up to become our parents and we said we would never do that?  Well, I did grow up to be like my mother... I talk to myself, even when I'm NOT on the radio!  In my kitchen, in my bathroom, in my garden, in my car... and my boys make fun of me... and I NO LONGER CARE!  I am just happy to be crazy.  And ya know what?  I think MY happy, kinda rubs off on my listeners every so often... and that's a good kinda crazy!  

Have a crazy weekend and talk to yourself... like my mama used to say, "Try it, you'll like it."

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