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I wasn't sure if I should share this,

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BUT, in the end, I did learn something that I thought was valuable information!

The story is, I had to get my car inspected to renew my tags... my car is a 1995 and so it's not new by any means.  I took it to my dealership, like always, and they refused to pass it because of a 1/2 inch chip out of the blinker lens cover.  I found this peculiar because that chip had been there since the car was 6 months old... in other words, it had been passing inspection for over 17 years!  And no, the lens cover was not fogging up or getting moisture inside it.  Anyway, they refused to pass it unless I had the lens cover replaced at a cost of over $128 for the part alone!  I said no thanks and moved on....

To a Muffler and Brake place... they found no problem with the lens cover not passing (apparently they don't replace lens covers)... however, they DID say it wouldn't pass inspection without new brake pads... at a cost of over $100... and I even had an inspection list from the dealership that said the brakes were fine EIGHT MILES AGO!  But, hey, they sell brakes and mufflers... go figure!  Well, I let them replace the brake pads... and I felt very stupid agreeing to it, but I was tired of fighting and didn't know what the next place would try to sell me!

THEN, I learn from a friend that if you are ever doubting an inspector's opinion, you should simply take your car over to the Highway Patrol on Kearney and they will have an inspector look at it... at no charge... and tell you if they are right or wrong and if they are in the wrong, they will give you a document to take back to them and they will have to pass it whether they like it or not!  

VALUABLE information for everyone with old cars!  Just thought I should share!

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