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Time to play...

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and EAT!  And probably in that order...

Tomorrow morning my alarm will sound at 6 a.m.... pretty tough for a Saturday morning, but I will hop out of bed and head out the door because I am going to Silver Dollar City!  It's the big Outlaw Run Grand Celebration weekend!!!  The Opening Ceremony is at 9 a.m. with the Sons of the Silver Dollar and Roy rogers, Jr... Dusty Rogers... The Haygoods and MORE!  Plus, the dedication of the Outlaw Run monument to law enforcement.  

In all honesty,  I'm not sure if I will, in fact, have the nerve to ride Outlaw Run.  I was pretty intimidated when I saw it under construction last fall.  And, after seeing videos of Summer and Bobby riding it a few weeks ago, well, let's just say I wish I were a whole lot braver.  My tastes run a little slower, if you will... I have always enjoyed Thunderation... and Fire In The Hole... The Great American Plunge is lots of fun and I've even rode Powder Keg - that one almost did me in, though.  But, I have to admit, I have never had the nerve to ride Wildfire, so I'm thinking Outlaw Run will probably just be admired from afar... BUT... I have never backed down from ANY of the 'culinary' treats at Silver Dollar City... can't wait to taste all the wonderful goodness that I know is waiting for me!

So, the weather may be a little nippy, but I'm looking forward to lots of sunshine and lots of fun at Silver Dollar City... come on down and sit a spell with me!  I'll even watch you ride Outlaw Run! 

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