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I waited until it was safe...

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... I was afraid to talk about it until I was sure for fear of jinxing it.

Two weeks ago, my son, Ted, had all of his wisdom teeth pulled... and he didn't get dry sockets!!!!  He wasn't sick from the anesthetic!!!!  He only had to take three pain pills the whole time!!!!  And I only had to by one super sized 5 quart container of ice cream!!!  I am so relieved!!!

Silly, huh?  But when you consider my absolute aversion to having wisdom teeth pulled, you would understand what a huge step is was for me to allow this procedure in the first place!  I had, or should I say, was supposed to have had, all my wisdom teeth pulled MANY years ago.  My dentist's reasoning?  I didn't need them, they were too hard to keep clean and one of them had a cavity... so let's take 'em out!  I was very young and so I said okay.  I do remember my mom asking me why they needed to come out and that I probably shouldn't do it if they weren't a problem, but I ignored her and went blindly ahead with it.

As it turned out, a procedure that should have taken 15 minutes ended up taking an hour and then, he was only able to get two of them out... while leaving a piece of tooth in my gum that he couldn't 'dig' out all the way... and yep, the one with the cavity was NOT one that got pulled!  SO, I ended up with two wisdom teeth gone, two still in my head and one of them needed a filling!  And the thing that really 'bites'?  They didn't need to come out at all.  There was nothing wrong with them, they had all come in straight and posed no problem to me at all!  (should have listened to my mom!)

So, I had to have proof that Ted NEEDED his pulled... and when I saw from the x-rays that they had come in at a 45 degree angle, I reluctantly said okay.  Now, it's done and he's well and I am relieved!  Yay!


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