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ACM's were great...

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... I have to admit, I'm glad Taylor Swift didn't get Entertainer of the Year again!

Did that sound 'snarky'?  Oh well, I'm sorry.  I do appreciate Taylor Swift and I think she has a lot of talent and I AM glad that she hasn't gone off the deep end with alcohol or drugs or skanky behavior (although, there are those that criticize her numerous boyfriends... I am not one of those... men usually do need revenge songs written about them... just sayin').  Overall, she's a great girl, however, I think it's just that she's a little too Pop sounding for my tastes and her cross-over music is getting much bigger than anything she ever did for country and so I don't think she should continually get voted Entertainer of the Year just because her teeny bopper fans are total tech freaks and vote her in every year!!!  Whew... that was a mouthful!

Anyway, that being said, I love Luke Bryan, HOWEVER... I think he's still a little too green to warrant such a big award.  I think Entertainer of the Year should go to an artist that has been around long enough to prove him or herself... and that has actually headlined his own tour!!!!  Yes, Luke is very entertaining and nice to look at and has been all over the place lately... BUT have you seen a Jason Aldean concert?  So... that's all I've got to say about that.

I also thought that Brantley Gilbert should have won new artist.  There, I think that's all I disagreed with... except maybe that they should have had a country artist close the show... I mean, Stevie Wonder had already done his Dick Clark tribute, and I appreciate that, but to do a 5 minute close the show number???  I was just a little confused.  Oh, and some of the 'male' humor was a little raunchy for a family award show...

Hey, it's Monday morning... did you expect me to be cheerful? :)


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