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Breakfast of Champions!

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 ... and I didn't even know they existed until this morning!

You probably already know that The Band Perry realeased their new album this week, "Pioneer."  Well, occasionally, when a country artist releases new music, they try to get the attention of Country Radio by sending them some sort of 'gimicky' type goodies.  Case in point, when Rascal Flatts came to town this last time, they had a local cookie decorator make up and send us some Rascal Flatts cookies that looked remarkabley like Jay, Jo Don and Gary... you may have seen pictures of them on one of our blogs or Facebook.  Gary Allan sent me a puzzle to promote his new song, "Pieces."  Justin Moore sent me a big 'finger pointing at me' ink pin and note pad to promote his song, "Point At You."  Kellie Pickler once sent me an autographed red high heel shoe to promote her first song "Red High Heels."

Anyway, this morning, The Band Perry made a special delivery of "Very Perry Chocolate Cherry" Cupcakes from our local "Gigi's Cupcakes" here in town.  I had never heard of Gigi's before today and when I opened the box, I was simply astonished at the amount of frosting that topped each cupcake!  Needless to say, I grabbed one and I have been 'working' on it all morning!  I have no idea if I will be fit to do my show this afternoon, but may I just say, the risk was worth it!  AND The Band Perry has now moved to the top of my Favorites List... their album is great, too, by the way!

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