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.... WHAT vacation?

I've said it for the past 20 years... once a woman gives birth, there is NO such thing as a vacation!  And, as always, I am right.  :)

Yes, I was not at work last week, but that does NOT mean I wasn't working.  From extra loads of laundry, to all those "honey-do" errands and lists that I have no "honey" to do, to the endless cooking of meals because there happened to be two starving boys in my house all week... I can only say that I am incredibly glad to be back to work so I can get some rest!

Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and it was so great to have Arch home after not seeing him for the last two months, but I now realize how much work MY mom put in with SEVEN children.  No, she didn't have a job outside the home, but boy, did she work!  As kids, we don't see just how much our parents do for us, but as adults, what an eye-opener parenthood really is.  And, it doesn't stop just because those children become 'almost' adults. SEVEN... I'm so thankful I stopped at TWO!

Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and Heloise... sadly, Curly will never be added to that list of 'handy homemakers'... I just hope to survive and one day have a vacation without laundry, cooking and cleaning.

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