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I'm NOT gonna talk about snow!

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 ...or the weather or spring or... I'm thinking we have exhausted all of those subjects in the last week... don't you?

I WILL, however, say that I just love how listeners come out of the woodwork when days, and driving conditions, show up like they did yesterday (3/21/13)!  All of the sudden, my phone is ringing non-stop!  And not to complain or to ask about a contest or to request a song, but to tell me where they are, what's going on and what everybody SHOULD know!  It can be so much fun... especially when they have a sense of humor and can laugh at it all... because I sure tend to have fun, making fun, of me, them and whatever else I can find humor in.  Like my momma always said, "better to laugh than to cry!"

I gotta say, I was having quite a difficult Thursday until 'drive time' hit and the white stuff starting messing up the streets and the calls started coming in... Before then, I was cranky, tired and even a little sad over the way my morning had gone... but it only took about 20 minutes for all that to change because of the fine folks here in the Ozarks... more specifically, the KTTS listeners!  So much of the time, it can seem like I am sitting in a room, all by myself, just talking to the walls... but you have all reminded me that that is not the case.  I applaud YOU and thank you for being there, helping and appreciating and making a crazy day so much better... for me, at least!

Here's to Mother Nature and all the fun that is Life In The Ozarks!

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