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A car I can truly appreciate...

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... reliable, even when breaking down!

I am the proud owner of an 18 year old vehicle.  These days, if the car runs and it's paid for, don't get greedy and trade it in for a newer model... car payments are best when they are non-existent!  With that said, a car that age is bound to have some mechanical issues at some point, and this one has had a couple... but I'm thinking the car is thinking of ME, even when it 'gets sick.'

Let me explain... the first time it 'broke down', it simply dumped all the engine oil... IN THE GARAGE.  Messy, but a whole lot more convenient than 50 miles from home!  The second time, the engine simply turned off... nada, nothing, just dead... BUT, I was able to coast into a convenience store parking lot ONE MILE FROM HOME!  This time, it simply would not start (it would crank, just not turn over) IN MY GARAGE.  And... it waited until AFTER I purchased a car for my son that he won't even be driving until May, so I am not stranded!

So, you have to appreciate such a thoughtful, considerate vehicle... not to mention reliable.  I mean, only three breakdowns in 18 years and ALL close to or AT home... I think I will have to keep 'her' a while longer...

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Springfield, MO

SW at 13 mph
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