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Are you Single?

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Not to worry, there ARE advantages!

I was SO relieved to find this article on the advantages single people have over couples... it's from go figure... you'd think they'd be trying to get you "Matched off"...

Anyway, I digress... here are the advantages I liked:

Single people are more Hireable... meaning, they are probably not tied down to one area and are free to move around for the company who hires them.  Big selling point these days.

Single people are more charitable... more likely to give to charity, especially, if they are trying to impress a person of the opposite sex!  (Hey that's just what the article said...)

Single people are free to pursue the life they want... think Elizabeth Gilbert and "Eat, Pray, Love"... she had to be single to go out and spend time alone to find herself... and look how THAT worked out!

Single people drink less alcohol... now, I'm not sure about that one... seems to me that most people might imbibe more if they didn't have to answer to a spouse, you know what I mean?  But, hey, I like the idea!

Single people are good at EVERTHING... meaning, since you have to take care of everything in your life, from car care, lawn care, housework, laundry, fixing stuff, finances, etc... you become an expert at just about everything.  I can truly say that for me, that has proven to be true... I'm pretty self-sufficient.

 And now for my favorite... single people are SLIMMER!!  I mean, let’s be honest,  people in relationships can get lazy in terms of maintaining their looks, and one clear way this manifests is in their weight.  Your more slender physique, in other words, is better off single.

SO.... I'm feeling a whole lot better already!  Who needs a dating website... or a date, anyway!  Single people ROCK!

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