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I have the answer!

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...except, it probably makes too much sense to work.

Car dealers are always moaning about how hard it is to sell new cars these days... who can afford a new car?  They cost more than my first house!  Everyone is searching for used cars and even those are getting pretty few and far between because people are not parting with their cars until the wheels are falling off... again, because they can't afford to buy anything else.

So... if I were a car manufacturer, I would design a new line of 'plain vanilla' vehicles... meaning, no bells and whistles.   The only 'power' feature would be power steering and breaks.  Forget GPS and OnStar and all the computer mumbo jumbo... forget power windows and doors... offer standard transmissions for better gas mileage.  AND, make sure they get 40 miles to the gallon (or more)... AND price them LOW.  I mean, that's what plain vanilla means... less expensive!  Then, after I had these cars designed, I would run a few commercials, do a few interviews and then sit back and watch them fly out the door... BAM, problem solved for EVERYBDODY!  

There is one problem, though, it makes sense... and since when have car makers done anything that makes sense?  Am I right or am I wrong?

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