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Need a little advice...

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... parents everywhere, help me!!!

It's an age old problem, but one I'm really tired of putting up with!  How DO you get a teenager to stop throwing all of his clothes on the floor of his bedroom?.... I'm talking dirty AND clean!  This is a battle that has gone on for the last few years, but this year... my youngest son's Senior year in high school... it has become a daily battle.  I try not to look into his room, but when I do, I am shocked how one person can make such a mess of a room.  Clean clothes, dirty clothes, shoes, even a suitcase he used in January, and assorted other stuff that comes out of his pockets are scattered everywhere!  

His older brother likes to keep his clothes on the floor of his room, too... dorm room, included... but he actually has an organizational method and they are grouped into piles that make some sort of sense (I made him explain it to me) and the dirty clothes always make it to the hamper without nagging.  At least I can understand the twisted logic of that.... but the younger one?  that's just a mess... or as my mother would say a "pigsty"!  (Why are two children so different, anyway???)

I guess the main source of my frustration is that I spend the weekends doing laundry (after I have convinced him to put the dirty clothes into the hamper... I usually have to 'mention' this at least three times).  I wash, dry and fold a mountain of clothing... not all of which I am convinced has been worn... and it ends up on the floor with all the other crap!  

So.... here's the solution I'm thinking might help... not sure if it will, but it's worth a try:  he does his own laundry, period.  I mean, the worst case scenario is that he runs out of clean clothes... OR floods the house in an effort to prove to me that he can't do his own laundry?  Am I on the right track????

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