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How do YOU use it?

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Me, I'm mainly a peeper.

Not in anybody's window... but it's kinda the same thing... Facebook!  I actually check my Facebook every day to see what everyone else is up to.  But, I rarely post anything about myself unless I have a new picture or see an amazing post (from someone else) that I want to share.

Am I encouraged by Facebook's little questions... "What's going on, Curly"... "How are you, Curly"... "How do you feel, Curly"... nope, these don't inspire my to post drivel about my every thought!  I find it amusing how many people will post every little thing that happens to them, every little thought that crosses their mind and/or manage to share every little story or political statement that they've come across!  I sometimes have to hide post from those people that share a dozen things every day and take over my news feed.

I may not do much 'sharing' of my own, but I DO love to eavesdrop on everybody else... so what does that make me?  I know there has to be some social term for it... Facebook Snoop? Social Spy? Lazy Online Lurker?

In the meantime, I save all my 'drivel' for my blog!  Aren't you the lucky ones!

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