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Time to 'logo' the ugly coat!

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We had such a great time at the Eli Young Band concert on Saturday.... but

I think all those that stood with us would agree, waiting in line outside the Gilloiz for an hour OR TWO got just a little chilly!  Wait, chilly's not the right word... COLD is more like it!  See, when KTTS presents a concert, we like to be there to greet all the listeners that come out to the show, so, that means standing outside, playing great music and waiting it out till doors open right along with all the ticket holders.  Some of those ticket holders obviously could not be troubled to wear 'outerwear'... I saw a lot of bare arms, hands and legs!  I do NOT know how that stood it!

I must say, I got MORE than just a little cold.  My feet felt like the toes were breaking right off inside my boots.  My fingers were numb, even with gloves.  I even broke down and put on a goofy looking stocking hat... And, my KTTS jacket was warm, but only as far down my legs as it went, which was not far enough, meaning a cold you-know-what!  

So, I'm thinking it's about time to take the 'ugly coat' to the seamstress and have "KTTS" embroidered on it to make it an official cold weather concert coat!  I'm thinking that we could even rent out ugly coats just like mine to the crowds at concerts!  Who knows, I might start a fashion trend.... the OFFICIAL KTTS UGLY COAT!!!


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