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Right in our own backyard!

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... getting to work today was a little more challenging than usual.

If you've been listening to the news on KTTS this morning, you've heard about the shooting on West Grand... just a couple doors down from our studios.  Police and ambulance vehicles, policeman blocking off the street and just a few minutes ago, I hear that the bomb squad has been called out to check out a possible bomb!  Boy, am I glad my office is in the basement and I can cower here for a couple more hours!!!!

I'm sure glad I listen to KTTS... especially this morning so that I learned of the shooting before heading out the door.  Because of that, I knew to take a different route to work  so I didn't have to backtrack when I came to the road block... I still had to talk my way past a policeman so that I could get into our driveway!  

KTTS is always on top of Breaking News... 24/7... it's just having all this in our own backyard is a bit unnerving!  Convenient for the 24 Hour News Team, but unnerving for the rest of us.  Glad we have bullet proof glass, automatically locking doors and a great big gate around the building... I laughingly called all the security measures we installed a few years back the "Journal Compound"... today, I'm just thankful it's all there.


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