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I was getting really discouraged

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... but there IS such a thing as Divine Order!

I have spent the last few weeks looking for a good used car for my oldest son, Arch.  He's away at college and has spent the last two years hitching rides with friends in order to come home for visits.  In the Spring he will be staying in Arkansas for six months doing what's called a co-op and so he will have to have a car.  

So... I've been wandering through the mine fields of Craig's List and used car lots!  Needless to say it's been a bumpy ride!  I actually encountered one of those scammers that you're always hearing about and that Craig's List warns you about right up front... complete with sob story and amazingly low price... and of course, they will 'ship' it to you!  I've met up with some shall we say, 'unsavory' characters, too... glad that I didn't go alone... to look at less than ideal vehicles.  

Then, there are the used car lots... some good looking vehicles there, but not the best history information, most cars were very high mileage and when I checked all the prices against Kelley Blue Book, the mark up was way more than I wanted to pay for an "As Is" deal!  So... I was getting discouraged, but still praying for the 'perfect car' to come along.

And THEN.... I just happened to be looking at Craigs List and up pops an ad, JUST posted, for a great car with 89,000 miles and one owner... I send an email.... up pops a reply with a phone number... I call the number and set up a time... call my 'brother/body-guard' and off we go to take a look.  Well, it was all that I had hoped for!  AND, the owners were regular people, honest and kind, and the car was exactly what we needed... and the price was right, too!  We made a deal right then and there and my son is now the proud owner of his first car!

I gotta say, I do believe in Divine Order and now I know even Craig's List can be the instrument to answered prayer!

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