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Curly's View

Well, I asked for it!

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... and people are paying attention!

I'm talking about complete strangers approaching me in public places, asking to touch my leg!  At the Zac Brown Band concert Saturday night, I'm talking to my sister and cousins when a woman sitting in the row in front of them notices my name tag and asks to touch my leg!  Of course, I obliged... I did say I would in my commercials for Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal.  And, she was amazed as I knew she would be!  Silky smooth ALL THE TIME!  Her husband was standing there and says to me... "now, don't go spending anymore of my money"... typical husband, right?  So my reply was... "right now, you can save 50% if you call during February!!!"  I AM a walking, talking commercial for Ideal Image!

Then this morning, I was dropping off my tax info at the accountant's office when the assistant says that she wanted to ask me if it was true that Ideal Image really worked like I said it did... and had it REALLY been THREE years?

 SO... let me set the record straight... (I know, hard to do for somebody named Curly)... I would never 'sell' anything I didn't believe in!  I've been in the radio business for decades now and I have been asked to endorse many things... and I have turned down plenty of offers because I REFUSE to be anything but honest with our listeners.  Rest assured, if I say something worked for me, then it did!  And you can touch my leg if you need to!

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