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What's your theory?

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... I know what I think, but my boys think I'm paranoid!

Thirty days... 50 cents... that's more than a penny a day!  May not sound like much, BUT, what if that held true for an entire year?  Fifty cents a month times twelve and you've got SIX DOLLARS MORE per gallon for gas!  Yep, that would be devastating.

Everybody has their opinion as to why the gas prices have shot up this past month... My opinion?  Well, obviously the prices had to go down for the Presidential election... they always do... I guess that's so we are more inclined to vote for one candidate... or the other.  And then they started creeping up... until now... oh well... too bad... election's over and we're back to paying through the nose!  And, there's always some lame excuse as to why they increase... excuses I'm not buying!  I'm just thinking that somebody is getting rich and the rest of us have to suffer!

AND... then there's my BIG pet peeve... WHY can't they make cars that get better gas mileage?  WHY can't they make an affordable electric car that will also be dependable?  As I like to tell folks... I had a 1984 Honda that got over 40 miles per gallon IN TOWN... why can't I find a car that will do that TODAY WHEN THE GAS PRICES ARE OUT OF CONTROL?????  I'll tell you why, Somebody's getting rich by keeping efficient vehicles off the market for middle class America!  

Now I'm trying to find a used car for my son that will be dependable and get decent gas mileage without paying an arm and a leg... all I can find are cars that only get 20 MPG city or 28 highway... not even acceptable!  Yep, I'm frustrated!!!

So there, I've ranted and raved and I may be paranoid, but I know I'm not alone and I sure as heck wish I knew how to fix it... I'm more than a little tired of everything going up except my paycheck.  Can you tell I went to the gas station this morning???

Any other opinions out there???? 

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