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Just how sick should you be????

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AND, how do you handle it?

Poor Mister Cash... I was so mean to him this week!  Well, he calls me Mom, so I've earned the right!  Anyway, he knows I have very little sympathy for those that call in sick and so he really dreads telling me he's sick and can't work.  I mean, he REALLY dreads it.  Here's how our conversation went on Tuesday this week:

Cash: "Mom, I'm feeling so much worse today than yesterday, I will wait another couple of hours and down a bunch of Vitamin C and see how I feel... meanwhile, I have Jay on alert to cover for me tonight"...

My response:  "If you were my actual flesh and blood I would have to say, 'if you're not running a fever or throwing up, then you have to go to school... or work, as it were... but since you're adopted....'"  

Cash:  "I'll be there"...

Me:  "Way to put on your Big Boy Panties, Son."   

So, he comes in, pitiful look on his face, but Mom checks his forehead and he's not running a fever... no visible fluids escaping his nose or eyes... I declare that he's probably fine. THEN, Mr. Mark (better known as Dad) sees him, feels sorry for him (or is panicked that he may really be sick and doesn't want to catch it... me, I just wash my hands a lot) and sends him home!  Boy, what a mean Mom I AM!!!

Well, I come from a long line of mean moms, after all... and my mom STAYED home!  It wasn't like we were messing up her schedule or something... she just wasn't gonna raise any wimpy, whiny kids!  And when we DID stay home?  No laying on the couch watching TV... No Sir... we had to go to bed and weren't allowed up until we were well (which usually happened just as the other kids got home on the bus....).  And we might even have to go to the doctor... a doctor that ALWAYS gave us a shot!   Needless to say, staying home sick was NOT fun.  SCHOOL was fun.

So, that whole philosphy just carried over into adulthood and I am probably one of the healthiest people you'll ever meet... and a very reliable employee... and a VERY MEAN MOM!

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