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Consumer Alert!

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... and it's pretty creepy.

I went grocery shopping this weekend... not unusual.  I decided to treat myself to some flavored coffee creamer... I love the stuff, but I usually just pass because it has high fructose corn syrup and/or it's just way too expensive.  Anyway, they had some on sale!  And after reading labels and finding it had only sugar instead of HFCS, I thought "what the heck... it's almost Valentine's Day, I'm gonna DO IT!"  I agonized over which flavor to choose, tired of always ending up with boring French Vanilla.  I finally settled on one I hadn't yet tried... "White Chocolate Mocha"... MMMMmmmmmm!

I could barely wait until morning to try this new taste sensation and really enjoy my morning coffee for a change.  (Plain old coffee with plain old creamer was just not much to look forward to anymore.)  So, morning comes... I brew a fresh pot of coffee... I pour a cup... I shake up White Chocolate Mocha so it's just perfectly blended... I unscrew the cap in order to remove the safety seal........ and there's NO SAFETY SEAL!!!!  WHAT???? I've been robbed of my perfect cup of morning coffee!!!! 

I call the store and ask if it's normal to have no seal on this particular brand of creamer.... "No, it should have a seal"... CRAP!  It's back to the store I go... return the creamer and fully inspect the replacement bottle.  And here's the creepy part:  according the lady behind the customer service desk, this type of stuff happens frequently!  They find things like ice cream that has been 'sampled' and put back in the freezer... loaves of bread missing a few slices... and other stuff that you might not notice until you got it home.  So, are people just dining at the store... did they just happen to need a little creamer in their coffee while shopping?  Or were they just wanting to creep us out... or worse?

Moral of the story... check your food before you leave the store!

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