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So... what's it gonna be?

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I mean, there are many ways to go, but which is the best?

I know, I know... it's been awhile since I've received a Valentine, but I do REMEMBER what the day is supposed to be about!  I remember the Valentines of days gone by... the flowers, the chocolates, the balloons, the romantic dinners... even the (gasp) lingerie... I've actually experienced it all.  So, I guess you could say that I am somewhat of an expert at what works... and what doesn't.  I've had all the romantic gestures and some of the not-so-romantic... so fellas, listen up, this may be the best advice you'll ever get!

Let's start with flowers... they're nice, but they die.  My mom was a florist and so while I appreciated the smell and beauty and the gesture, let's face it... they die.  AND, if you are sending them to her at work, (so that all her friends know she has a fella that sends her flowers on the sappiest day of the year) then she has to get them home without dumping them in the seat of her car!  So, although the gesture is nice, it's pretty much a pain.

How 'bout the romantic dinner?  Nice, but for Pete's sake, make sure you make a reservation like two weeks in advance, or else you are just spittn' into the wind trying to find someplace to eat!  (I once dated a guy who 'forgot'... and we ended up ordering pizza... not good) You could cook for her, but you'd better know what you're doing or THAT isn't gonna fly either... nothing worse than burned food to put you in the mood...

Then, there's my favorite... Chocolate.... MMMMmmmmmm..... You just can't beat some really good chocolates...  And I'm not talking about that crap you buy at the grocery store, I'm talking the good stuff... you might want to go to Askinosie's and get the really good stuff.  At the very least, make it Russell Stovers or make a trip to Candy House.  

One thing I've never received is a 'Singing Valentine"... see how I just snuck that one in?  Who knows, if someone had sent me a Singing Valentine, I might still HAVE a Valentine!  

In case you missed the Last Plug for my son's Barbershop group... just see the blog from January 25th for more... hee, hee, hee... shameless plug....

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