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If I hadn't already done the diaper thing...

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... AND I was a little younger, this would worry me. 

I'm talking about just being totally in love with my newest great-niece, Dharma Jo!  She's all of five months old, cute as a button and such a happy baby... I just can't get enough of her!  Sounds crazy for a woman who has 66 nieces and nephews, right?  I mean, there have always been like, dozens to choose from for as long as I can remember.

Well, maybe it's because I'm facing an 'empty nest' for the first time in almost 21 years, or maybe it's because she's a girl and I've only had boys, OR maybe it's because I get to have her all to myself and don't have to share with the multitudes of family fighting to hold her on a Sunday afternoon in Mansfield!  Or maybe it's because she lives close enough to see her without driving 50 miles.

A few weeks ago, when her mom (my niece) first asked if I would watch her so that she and her husband could have a 'date afternoon', I jumped at the chance.  Then, I found myself calling THEM and encouraging them to let Auntie Curly 'relieve' them of their parental duties for a few hours of fun (fun for them... but really fun for ME).  And, I'm now checking my schedule for openings so I can steal her.  Now, even though I spent all of Saturday afternoon with that sweet baby, I find myself missing her... how did that happen?

So, if I were younger and hadn't had my own babies, it would be a little scary how much I was enjoying this, if you know what I mean!  Miss Dharma is just a cutie-pa-tootie and I'm thinking that I'm finally turning into a sweet old Auntie... nice for a change from the cranky old Auntie they're all used to!  Just check out this face!


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