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Don't hate me because I don't watch the Souper Bowl

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... and I spell it like that so I don't get into trouble!

You see, we are not allowed to say it in any kind of advertising or promotional way at all because of some sort of copywrite law... and if we DO, we could be sued, meaning ME and my company.  So, I am so afraid of slipping and saying the "S" word, that I'm not even sure how I'm allowed to spell it!

No, this is not a promotional piece, at all... I'm just here to say that I don't watch the 'big' game unless there is a half time show that really interests me OR unless I am invited to a 'big' game party, which I'm not this year... so don't hate me, I'm just not interested!

Instead, I will be wearing my jammies, curled up with a BOWL of soup or ice cream or popcorn and probably watching some movie that I've rented.  Will I miss out on the fun commercials?  Nope, they'll be all over the internet on Monday.  Will I miss out on a great half time show?  Probably not... those are so over-rated and over-priced... I hear 'the artist' is costing them a fortune in both the set AND the backstage nursery, food and beverage that she requires, and will probably lip-synch it anyway... Oh... you say there is some sort of sporting event taking place, too?  Well, I'm sure I'll hear who won after it's all over... so nope, not missing a thing!

There... I've said it... and now, I will slip softly into the night....

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