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I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

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... okay, so I've just dated myself!  But, it's true!

Last weekend I had a hankerin' for a hamburger... not just any hamburger, but a Steak N Shake steakburger!  I had worked very hard all day Saturday... my sons were not home for dinner and I decided to treat myself.

Here's the rub, I had worked around the house all day and when that happens, I sometimes don't take time to eat more than a handful of peanuts or a piece of toast... in other words, I was starving!  Not a good thing when you are armed with a $5 gift certificate.  So, I hit the road, rented a movie (Pitch Perfect... funny) and made my way to Steak N Shake.  

Hmmmm, $5 to spend... I don't drink soda, so I didn't want to go the route of a combo meal that includes soda... but wait, 4 items under $4... and they include french fries!!!  BUT, I have FIVE dollars to spend... I need to order something else... Hmmmm... a MILK SHAKE!!!!  So, let's make that order a  TRIPLE Steakburger, french fries and a Mocha Milk Shake!  AND, I ate every last bite... til grease was running down my arms to my elbows and whipped cream from the shake was smeared all over my face... I ATE THE WHOLE THING!!!!  Needless to say, I was full.  And I no longer crave a hamburger... BUT, I didn't need a Tumms or pepto or whatever that commercial was advertising... (still have that cast iron stomach of my youth, I guess).

Summer was kind enough to look up the caloric content of my decadent meal... one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-eight calories... somehow that seams a little low...  Hmmmm, maybe I'll do it again...

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