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So, what'd you do this weekend?

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Most women would not attempt this... in fact most men I know would say "No Way!"

I'm not talking about cleaning the house... which I did... a little.  Or, doing the laundry... which I did... a lot!  Or even cooking great quantities of food to feed my teenager this week... which I did... and it was delish!  

Somewhere in the middle of all THAT going on, I decided it was time... once again... (cue the scary organ music)... to clean out the bathroom drains!  And I'm not talking about pouring a little Drano down 'em... tried that a thousand times and not only is it expensive, but it just doesn't work!  I get so tired of slow drains that I actually just resort to taking them apart and cleaning them out... BY HAND!!!  It's so gross, I can't tell you!  

You have to take off the elbow thingie under the sink and then using a long stick, I push paper towels down the drain and the gunk that comes out is... well... it really shouldn't be described!  Then, I take the elbow thingie and I clean it out with an old toothbrush.  Then, I put it all back together and pray I don't have any leaks.

So, I did this to two sinks this weekend and I'm thinking I deserve a gold star... or at the very least, a gold plunger!  I'm thinking that I missed my calling to be a plumber...

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