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Walkin' in Memphis

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My feet are tired, but my spirit is energized to help the kids!

Just got back this week from the annual Country Cares St. Jude Radio Seminar and it was amazing.  I say amazing because you can't be sad at St. Jude... there is just too much hope.  The work that goes on there every minute of every day... saving children's lives, finding treatments and cures for childhood cancer... caring for families of sick children... well, it's amazing, it's miraculous and it has to go on!

Visiting a hospital for kids with cancer doesn't sound like a good time, but St. Jude Children's Hosptial is the most hope-filled place on earth.  Every parent whose child has been a patient there will tell you that hope is the best word to describe what they give to these families.  They arrive in despair and the moment they walk through the door, they are immediately surrounded by hope... and comfort... and the absolute best care IN THE WORLD for their child.  And the worries about how to pay for this world class care... there ARE no worries... no family EVER receives a bill!  No family ever has and no family ever will because at St. Jude, they know that parents need to be able to focus only on their child and not worry about how to pay for saving their life.

"No child should die in the dawn of life"... and at St. Jude, they work tirelessly every day to make that statement a reality... and they are succeeding!  This miraculous place was started by Danny Thomas 50 years ago and it has brought countless miracles to children all over the world... many from right here in the Ozarks.  We'll tell you those stories and give you a chance to become a Partner In Hope with our radiothon February 21 and 22.  You will be amazed!

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