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...who knows, maybe I'll sell it!

I'm talking about writing my own cookbook... BUT, it's really only for my boys, Arch, in particular.  My oldest is going to be living on his own in an apartment, out of state, next summer.  I spent winter break trying to teach him a few things in the kitchen... he's actually pretty good and chopping onions, browning meats and even made a meatloaf!  

Anyway,  he really shouldn't spend all his hard earned money eating fast food... not to mention ruining his health... so I'm putting together recipes that he can easily make so he doesn't starve.  I don't know if it will be illustrated... the thought of pictures of my 'creations' kinda scares me... my stuff doesn't always turn out pretty!  Maybe I should just have someone take pictures of me 'demonstrating' the cooking...??? (that might be scary, too... I'm pretty crazy in the kitchen!)   

So... Moms and Dads... if you have any great recipe ideas, feel free to email them to me... I will even credit you in the Curly's Cookbook for College Kids!  Who knows... we might end up with something we COULD sell... at least we might keep those youngin's fed.

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