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Was it cold or what?

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For those of you who braved the extreme cold, wind and freezing rain... Boy! was it worth it!

I'm talking about Saturday night at the Q for the Rascal Flatts/Band Perry/Kristen Kelly concert.  I know a lot of folks are a little timid about freezing precipitaion around 'these parts'... after all, if you survived the ice storm of '07, you know how brutal it can be.  But, we all braved the storm and the cold and we were rewarded with an excellent concert by all three acts.

Kristen Kelly is a new up-and-comer and what a voice!  She's also a pretty darn good songwriter... and the guys tell me she's not bad to look at either!  What a great experience for her, to be a part of the Rascal Flatts tour!

The Band Perry... they've been around for about three years now... and boy have they grown!  I first met them when they had their first single and was really impressed by their harmonies AND friendly, down to earth personalities.  They did a great job when they were here last year with Brad Paisley, but I could really tell that they have done a lot of work on their show and grown so much this past year... what a fantastic performance they gave!

Rascal Flatts... from the first time they sang for us in our conference room here at KTTS (that was 2000 when they were just releasing their first song) to their first stop in Springfield to open for Toby Keith... and now to have them here twice in the past couple years... they just get better and better and they have so many hits that they can't even squeeze them all into a show!  And what wonderful, friendly, good guys... they are a treat to be around.

So yes, cold weather?  Freezing rain?  Not a big deal when you can warm up with such wonderful entertainment..

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