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Biggest Loser???

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Or... The Bachelor?

I understand there is a dilema brewing because these two shows were on at the same time this past week!  I heard the rumblings from several places in the building and I couldn't help but think "who cares!."  

You guessed it, I don't watch either.  Well, I take that back, I have watched The Biggest Loser, but I usually wait until the last couple episodes because I like to see the before and after photos... the actual 'journey' does not interest me... too painful!  I mean, they are so MEAN to those poor people!  And I can't believe what they expect them to do as far as exercising... I couldn't do that stuff and I exercise everyday and I'm not overweight!

As for The Bachelor... PUH-LEEZE!!!  How real is that?  NOT AT ALL!  And WHO can actually expect these people to end up married??? How stupid do you think we are????  I'm guessing the people who actually get into those shows are simply watching to make fun of them... My attention span is just not long enough to put up with all the ridiculous fabricated drama...

Anyway, my biggest dilema happens to be Thursday night when Grey's Anatomy runs up against Person Of Interest... and Scandal runs up against Elementary!  I know, I know, I know... soap operas and crime dramas.  But I am a child who grew up on Dallas and Cagney and Lacey... we never thought they were supposed to be "real"... fantasy was clearly labeled!  So, keep your 'reality' TV... instead, I'll take a good variety show... wait, they don't make them anymore, either!  Geez... I miss Carol Burnett!

So... if I've ruffled some "I love the Bachelor" feathers, feel free to ruffle mine back!  I'd say that would be infintely MORE entertaining!

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