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I appreciate the fact that this is a necessary evil, however, I don't have to like it!

Call me spoiled, but I was really enjoying the wonderful weather we had right up until Christmas Day... until the bottom fell out and the deep freeze began.  I was willing to put up with a few days of really cold temperatures... I know we have to have some below freezing days to keep Mother Nature in balance, BUT... enough is enough!

I'm really tired of being cold... I am really tired of wearing two or more layers of clothing just to watch TV... I'm tired of hearing my children whine because I won't put the thermostat on 80 degrees and they refuse to wear socks... and I'm getting SO tired of the Ugly Coat!  

What is the Ugly Coat, you ask?  Only a little down number that I purchased back in 1985... a coat that covers my body from the top of my head to about two inches above my ankle.  Okay, it's not really down filled, more like some polyester fiber fill, but it is WARM... and it IS UGLY!  I break it out whenever the temperature goes below 20 degrees.  It looks absolutely ridiculous and my children make big fun of me but I will never part with this coat as long as I live in Missouri (or anywhere that the temperature is below freezing).

Oh, and it would probably help if I didn't drive an ancient car whose heater takes 20 minutes to warm up.  The other morning, I was trying to get INTO that ancient car to go to work, wearing my Ugly Coat, gloves and a couple other sweaters underneath... it was like a scene from "A Christmas Story"... I almost fell over trying to bend enough to get in!  I think it could be a driving hazard...

The upside to this winter weather?  IS there an upside?  Oh... one... when you are cold, your body has to work harder to keep you warm, thus burning more calories so you can eat more!  Excuse me while I go have a snack!

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