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The tree is down

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and put away... the stockings back in the closet... the nativity packed carefully in it's box... and the ugly sweaters folded neatly in their drawer.

Oh, and we're all back at work!  January 2nd can be a rude awakening after several days of holiday merry-making and vacation days of staying in your pj's without getting dressed... (or even combing your hair)!  I know, I'm probably the only person that does that, right?  NOT! 

And... let's not even talk about all the chocolate and holiday baked goods, candy and egg nog that was consumed!  Stomachs everywhere are growling today because the New Year Resolution to lose weight has begun... let's see if that lasts past 3 o'clock this afternoon!

It's amazing to me how hopeful and happy I feel on New Year's Eve... and how lazy I am on New Year's Day... to be followed by the almost relief of getting back to a normal routine on January 2nd!  The roller coaster of emotions is a little dizzying!  BUT, I've had my fun, I've eaten my New Year's Black Eyed Peas and I've dragged myself out of bed, exercized, showered and put on my clothes (and makeup, too)... I feel brand new and ready to face 2013, whatever it may bring!  

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