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 Twas the day after Christmas...

... and all I can think of is, Thank Heaven I survived!  It's always a toss up once the kids get older and pickier and harder to please... will I or will I not have the right stuff under the tree?  Well, one thing never changes... they still turn their noses up when the package contains the dreaded CLOTHES!!!  Keep in mind, I have boys... not girls... and so clothes do not interest them very much at all.  Clothes are just something that is supposed to magically appear in their closets and drawers... these are not the things presents are made of!

BUT... what parent can pass up the opportunity to purchase clothing for their children?  I mean, that's what we've been doing since before they were born... we can't stop now!  And when we are desperate to come up with ideas at Christmas and the sales are so fantastic, we HAVE to buy them Clothes!!!!  

So, here's how Christmas morning (or afternoon, now that I can't get them out of bed before noon) went at our house:  "Ted... here... (as I toss him a package)... something you're gonna HATE!!  And Arch... one for you... I know you will DESPISE this!!"  And ya know what?  They laughed!  They opened their packages with a smile on their faces... and all was well.  Maybe my babies are growing up.

One other thing I learned this year... gift exchanges with groggy teens go a lot better if you FEED them first!  Nothing like French toast and bacon to warm the cockles of their hearts... mine, too, for that matter.

Oh... and I got a NEW VCR this year!  SCORE!!!!

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