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The Only New Year Resolution you really need...

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As Christmas and then New Years get here, I can't help but think "Here we go again!"

After awhile, the years just seem to run together, don't they?  First, you're a kid looking forward to Santa... then you're a teenager getting picky about what "Santa" is bringing you... and each New Years Day means that you are gonna be a year older!!!  Yay!!!!  Then, as a young adult, you get in the groove of giving to others from (gasp!) your own money!!!  And New Years means a big party is happening!

Next... you have your own children and it all becomes about them.... and the years start to fly by as year after year, you see the patterns of your life repeated in theirs.  Some of that's magical, some of that's terrifying!  But as you watch them grow, and change and come full circle you realize just how fleeting it all is.

So, I was thinking about all this and considering New Years Resolutions... I've made a few, but generally shy away from them, however, I saw something on Facebook (gasp!) that I think is truly the best, and only, resolution that any of us really needs: "This January, why not start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen.  Then, on News Years Eve, empty it and see what awsome stuff happened that year."  HOW SIMPLE IS THAT?  And what a great way to celebrate life... celebrate those fleeting moments that get away from us all too soon.  It's a way of capturing the memories and emphasizing what life is all about... GOOD STUFF!

I can't wait to start!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and God Bless Us Everyone!

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