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Could it be the Mayans are right?

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... I mean, there are weird things going on that can't be explained...

LIKE.... I just started TEXTING!!!  Yep, it finally caught up with me and I've broken down and given in to the evil that lurks inside those pesky cell phones.

Cash thinks it's the end of the world... I sent him my first text!  It took me awhile to figure out just how in the heck to make that happen!  He promptly ran down to the basement (where my office is) to see if I knew that someone had stolen my cell phone!  I have now enlisted his help in teaching me how to make the darn thing 'go'!   He is NOT looking forward to THAT!

But in case you think that ALL is lost, let me just calm your fears... I'm STILL using a flip phone AND, I've turned off the 'predictable text' function... so... it should take me 10 minutes per text...

I'm thinkin' I may just CALL you instead!

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Broken Clouds
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