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I Wish They All Could Be Here...

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I'm so looking forward to Wednesday's Birthday Bash because I will get to see some very old and dear friends...

After 40 years, there are a LOT of great people that have passed through these doors and voices that have graced the 94.7 air waves.  Some have passed on, like our beloved Barefoot Bob Kinney, News Director Jim Wise, d.j. Larry Knight... to name a few.  And still others that have moved out of the area like Miss Kitty, Dan Shelley, Gary Hightower and others.  Thank goodness for Facebook to help me keep in touch!  And as we all age, many have retired or moved out of the radio business... it's so easy to just let people slip away... SO... this Birthday Bash has been a chance for me to reach out to my old friends, like Miss Kitty, who I interviewed last week on the show.

This Tuesday, Don Paul, KTTS Program Director and On Air Ranchhand from 1972 to 2000... 28 years, will join me on the show.   I like to say he raised me since I started as the Baby Ranchhand, fresh out of high school back in 1979.  He was my boss for over 20 years and taught me much of what I know about radio.  

I hope you'll tune in and enjoy our little walk down memory lane.  If you are "new" to KTTS, then you may not realize the rich history that has made it what it is today... maybe we can enlighten you.  If nothing else, I hope we can entertain you just a little.  And if you are one of the lucky ticket holders for our Birthday Bash on Wednesday night, then you'll get to see some old pictures and be introduced to some of the pioneers of KTTS... Curt Brown, Dale Moore, Dan O'Day, Don Paul, Dorrie Hummel, Gene Skinner, Rob Hough, Rod Kittleman, Tony Michaels... and others.  It's been a very fine 40 years... and here's to 40 more!


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