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All I want for Christmas

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... is for somebody else to do the shopping and the cooking and the decorating...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't have a Martha Stewart bone in my body.  My mother tried, God bless her, but it just didn't stick.  

My mom was probably more of a June Clever than June Clever!  She made all our clothes, cooked every meal... from scratch, and when it came to the holidays, no house had more decorations than ours!  From the tree, to the stockings, to every conceivable knick-knack that screamed Christmas, we had it.  

Mom even started doing ceramics when I was a kid and then she made even MORE holiday decorations.  Everybody got their own ceramic Santa, ceramic nativity set, and assorted other ceramic goodies.  Oh, and she made Christmas stockings... for each of us AND our spouses, each child and grandchild.  And I can't forget the Toll Painted matching Santa Sweatshirts... for my boys, she made theirs to look like snowmen!  Then, there was the Santa and Mrs. Clause matching pajamas she made all the grandkids one year... even a pair for Arch's stuffed bunny. (I actually put the bunny outfit on Ted for his first Christmas to take a picture for our Christmas card!)

Let's not forget all the holiday baking... from fudge, to caramels, to hard candies and date loaf, to divinity and cookies and cinamin rolls... all from scratch, mind you... especially the fudge-no chocolate chips and marshmallow creme allowed!  And of course, she still managed to get all the shopping done, make a huge Christmas dinner and we all had to participate in the Church pageants and Cantata.  And she had SEVEN kids.

So, here's to MY mom, we sure miss you!  Now, excuse me while I go unpack the Santa and nativity and put on my Santa Sweatshirt...



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